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Reliable connectivity to
keep your business connected

With a number of solutions to keep your business connected, we can provide any connectivity from business broadband to complex wifi networks.


Internet connectivity to suit all budgets


True business grade connections


N+1 Core network infrastucture

Business Broadband

Unlimited business broadband keeping your business connected.

Our broadband packages include unlimited downloads and with speeds of upto 80mb/s and VoIP priority your business can function without disruption. All of our connections come with a free static IP allowing for greater security and flexibility.

Leased Lines

Guaranteed download and upload speeds.

A leased line is a dedicated connection from the exchange to your office, it provides you with guaranteed upload and download speeds which is essential for any business that relies on internet connectivity. We have access to multiple network providers which allows us to offer the best price possible.

Wireless Leased Lines

Rural location? A wireless leased line can provide high speed connectivity.

Using the latest technology we can provide you with a wireless point to point connection offering speeds upto 10GB/s. The main advantage of a wireless leased line over a fixed line is the reduced installation costs, being in a rural location you will probably be quoted excessive excess construction charges which you won’t get with this option.

Management of your network is essential to ensure you get the most from your infrastructure and maintain security. We monitor and optimize your network and ensure you have the correct security in place to keep threats out.

4G Backup

Essential backup connectivity to keep you connected in case of an outage.

In the past backup connectivity has provided just a fraction of the speed that you require. Thanks to our business grade 4G data options we can provide you with a superfast 4G backup connection to be on standby at the fraction of the cost of a fixed backup connection.

WiFi Networks

Your WiFi network is a critical component of your infrastructure, don’t compromise.

Great WiFi connectivity is crucial to most businesses yet most business don’t invest in the correct infrastructure. We can plan, provision and install a high bandwidth WiFi infrastructure for your business, with solutions to provide high bandwidth even in the most crowded WiFi environments.

Guest WiFi

Stay connected with your customers and keep them engaged.

Guest WiFi not only gives customers and visitors easy access to the internet but it also gives you the power to restrict access to your network, allows you to collect their contact data for further marketing purposes and promote your company, brand, services and products.