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Business Broadband – SOGEA & FTTP – BEAT THE RUSH

Do you have a fixed line broadband? You need to upgrade today

Is our broadband different from others? Probably not, what makes us different is the service behind it.  If you have a fault it will be dealt with urgency and everything will be done to resolve the issue as soon as possible.  With speeds of upto 1GB and prices from £29.99 now has never been a better time to upgrade.



In 2025 when the PSTN and ISDN network is shutdown your will lose your number if you don’t act soon.  All broadband connections will need to migrate to FTTP or SOGEA, this isn’t a simple process and to ensure you don’t lose connectivity or your number a well planned migration will need to be completed.  Cyber Group can assist your business with the move. 

Broadband cyber security

Our broadband comes with cyber security protection as standard.

You are concerned about cyber security for your business? Good, you should be.  We take security seriously which is why we include cyber security with all of our broadband connections, helping to keep your business secure.

4G Backup

Essential backup connectivity to keep you connected in case of an outage.

In the past backup connectivity has provided just a fraction of the speed that you require. Thanks to our business grade 4G data options we can provide you with a superfast 4G backup connection to be on standby at the fraction of the cost of a fixed backup connection.

WiFi Networks

Your WiFi network is a critical component of your infrastructure, don’t compromise.

Great WiFi connectivity is crucial to most businesses yet most business don’t invest in the correct infrastructure. We can plan, provision and install a high bandwidth WiFi infrastructure for your business, with solutions to provide high bandwidth even in the most crowded WiFi environments.

Guest WiFi

Stay connected with your customers and keep them engaged.

Guest WiFi not only gives customers and visitors easy access to the internet but it also gives you the power to restrict access to your network, allows you to collect their contact data for further marketing purposes and promote your company, brand, services and products.