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Looking for a technology solution to meet your business requirements?

We can offer a comprehensive consultancy service covering
all aspects of networks, hardware, software and cloud solutions.


Receive impartial advice from a team of IT experts


Solutions tailored to your companies budgets and requirements


Ongoing support of implemented solutions

Leading Guest WiFi Consultants

Tons of experience to guide you

WiFi is a critical part of the modern IT infrastructure, providing ease of access to staff and guest but if not planned and implemented correctly can be full of security flaws and patchy signal. We have the latest tools and technology to plan, supply, deploy and support your WiFi network


  • Expert Engineering team
  • State of the art deployment tools
  • Leading WiFi vendor partners


Audit solution for your hardware.

A full inventory of your entire hardware estate is essential to maintain compliance and security. Our audit will include age, warranty status, serial numbers and much more. A hardware audit delivers many benefits and can assist you in planning your future IT requirements and refresh plans. Losing track of what hardware your company has can be costly in terms of unnecessary hardware but also data loss.

  • Full audit and ongoing audit of your companies IT estate, beneficial for insurance purposes and maintaining security and compliance.
  • Plan ahead, knowing when you will need to replace hardware or upgrade current hardware.
  • Maintain optimum resources, ensuring the correct teams have the correct equipment for their role.


Do you know what software you own?

Software installations are often difficult to track compared to hardware audits, we can provide you with an overview of software installed on each device, including license information. If you have a large IT environment and are looking to standardise your software set this information can be vital.


  • High level view of software installed on a per device basis
  • Instantly identify unwanted and unauthorised software
  • License information for a number of vendors, critical information which could save you hundreds or thousands of pounds


Keep your business secure.

We can assist in reviewing all aspects of your IT security and information controls including penetration testing. Cyber security protection is one of if not the most aspect of your IT infrastructure as it protects your business data, your client data and reduces the risk of financial and reputational damage.

  • Continuous audit of devices to ensure security software is installed, up to date and fully licensed
  • Ensure devices have the latest updates and security patches with our automated deployment methods
  • A great way to provide evidence that your company is meeting the requirements to stay compliant and meeting the requirements for cyber essentials certification