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Dark Web Monitoring

Discover if your business credentials are for sale on the dark web with our dark web monitoring service.  A free dark web scan is the first step in securing your business.


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Dark Web Monitoring

What is the dark web?

The dark web is the part of the internet that isn’t indexed by search engines such as Google or Bing.  To gain access to the dark web you need a Tor browser, although not everything on the dark web is illegal much of the content contains illegal material or illegal trade.

How does your data get onto the dark web?

Clients are always surprised to find their data on the dark web, the first question that is asked is “how did my data get on the dark web”.  Our data breach monitoring service will give you that information, the most common ways that data finds it’s way onto the dark web is from website breaches, browser extension breaches and phishing emails.

Why should you be concerned that your data is on the dark web?

Often we find hacked passwords on the dark web, sometimes it is only personally identifiable information (PII).  This information can be used by cyber criminals to spoof your details to try and impersonate you.  Time and time again we have seen this and if you are not careful you will become victim to cyber criminals. 

Dark Web Breach

How do i protect my business from a data breach?

Proactive protection

Having the correct technology in place is the first step in protecting your business from having a data breach.  As a minimum all devices should have anti virus protection and ensure system updates are installed regularly.  In addition, you should have email security and multi factor authentication (2FA, MFA) enabled on any cloud services.

The main weakness will always be your staff, this is why it is critical that your staff receive the correct training and awareness so that they can identify potential threats.  Cyber Group can offer continuous employee awareness training along side our dark web monitoring service.  Take the first step by taking our free dark web scan and one of our security experts can walk you through the report and discuss how we can help to keep your business secure.

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Dark Web Monitoring and Scanning

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